The Road to Electric!

by BTM

Mon, 03 July 2023

The Road to Electric!

Electric cars are the inevitable next step in the journey to a greener planet, and Mercedes-Benz is leading the way with a suite of EVs ready and raring to go on Bahrain’s roads. Kristian Harrison was invited to drive them during a special EQ Roadshow and discovered just why the famous marque is ready to Charge Your Future.

Lined up outside the Al Haddad Motors Showroom in Tubli were four beautiful specimens ready to be put through their paces on a swelteringly hot day in the Kingdom. The EQA, EQB, EQS and EQS SUV, all electric vehicles each with their own identity and quirks, were fully charged and ready.

First up for me was the EQA, which is positioned as the new entry-level model to the all-electric world of Mercedes EQ vehicles. The contrast between the sleek white body and the black panel radiator grille with central star (a hallmark of the electric range), coupled with the distinctive continuous light strip at front and rear shows brings a futuristic look. 

This was the perfect vehicle to ease me in for the day of driving ahead, and although we were following the ever-friendly Al Haddad team at the front of the queue, I still managed to get to grips with the handy Navigation with Electric Intelligence feature. This calculates the fastest route to the given destination, making allowance for any necessary charging stops as well as reacting dynamically to changes in factors such as topography, traffic and the weather. 

After a brief stop, it was my turn in the EQS SUV. What a monster this was, with a 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen that made me feel like I was at the helm of the Starship Enterprise than a car on Planet Earth.

This beauty includes the instrument cluster, infotainment screen and passenger display that runs across the car’s entire dashboard. I spent so long fiddling with the settings and exploring the options, including the incredible Energising Comfort system, that I almost forgot I had to drive the thing.

This feature is truly remarkable; by selecting from a plethora of options depending on what mood you want, the car’s ambient lighting and giant screen is awash with colour while sounds varying from lapping waves to forest chirping and crackling fires play out of the impressive sound system. Oh, and did I mention that your seat gives you a bespoke massage too? 

After a spot of lunch, it was time for the EQB. I had already test driven this recently, so check out our June edition if you want to read my more extensive thoughts on that model.

That leaves me more room to talk about my favourite car of the day, the EQS! This luxurious beauty is the German marque’s greatest gift to sustainable mobility. The luscious materials and panoramic roof set an opulent tone, and I took a minute just to enjoy the vibe of the spacious, stylish sedan, flicking through an entire spectrum of colour to get the cabin mood lighting just right. On the road, it was just as gorgeous to drive. Even in Sport mode (of course!), it was responsive to the touch and had precise steering.

My favourite feature, however, was a customisable ‘engine sound’, which is emitted at various volumes depending on how hard you press the throttle. Of course, one of the huge misses with electric vehicles is that gorgeous purr when you put your foot down, but here you don’t miss a thing … and with the added benefit of no toxic fumes being belched into the air or indeed annoying sleeping neighbours when you return home in the middle of the night!

With every passing year the benefits of petrol power over electric get harder to justify. The future is here.