The Alfa Romeo Experience

by BTM

Mon, 07 May 2018

The Alfa Romeo Experience

Bill Grieve jetted off to the Arabian Ranches International Golf Course in Dubai for the Alfa Romeo Golf Experiential Day.

If Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo were alive today, it is almost certain that they would own an Alfa Romeo.

It is said that “True genius is the infinite capacity to pay attention to detail.”

There can be no doubt that this applies to the new Alfa Romeo models that were on show at the exquisite setting of the Arabian Ranches International Golf Course in Dubai, where Alfa Romeo flags fluttered gently in the breeze in every direction. 

The gentle curves of the Alfa Romeo’s bodywork on all models are seductive, alluring, intriguing and mesmerising, and as an object of desire these cars have all the charms and sex appeal of a human form like the timeless statue of David, sculptured by Michelangelo, in circa 1504, or the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo at much the same time. 

The interiors of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia are a classic example of fine leatherwork and exacting Italian craftsmanship in harmony, the like of which is only seen in the top-range cars from other European and Japanese car manufacturers. 



Founded in Milan, Italy, way back in 1910, five key elements have made Alfa Romeo one of the world's most desirable automotive brands:

- Advanced technology
- Lightness and efficiency
- Performance and dynamism
- Distinctive Italian design
- A unique spirit.

These are the essential ingredients to create an Alfa Romeo and which deliver la meccanica delle emozioni (‘the mechanics of emotions' in English). This distinctive line, used worldwide in Italian only, pays homage to the homeland where the legend was born over a century ago. 

Today, the brand still carries Italian-made pride on everyday roads, on the most famous racetracks and in the hearts of millions of enthusiasts.

The Alfa Romeo cars presented at the picturesque Arabian Ranches International Golf Course in Dubai were the immaculate sleek new models of Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce and Quadrifoglio and the Stelvio – Alfa Romeo’s first ever SUV: 

- Stelvio (280hp model)
- Giulia (510hp model)


The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a very comfortable, very stylish and exceptionally well performing SUV and family car, ideal for local conditions and fitted out with the very best and latest of almost everything one could want in an SUV or a family car.



- 280hp
- 206kW
- 5-door
- Q4 All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system
- Genuine 50/50 balance of power weight distribution
- Direct steering ratio
- 1995cm3 
- 8-speed gearbox
- Attractive Scudetto front grille

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is not just a car, this is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. Driving it normally is a pleasure – however, as soon as it is needed, the full herd of horses under the hood come to life with the slightest touch of the accelerator and you better be brave, competent and capable when you unleash the power of this mighty engine. 

It doesn’t roar, whine or crackle – it just goes very, very fast. 

The power is marvellous and addictive – it is the kind of car that makes legends in racing and rallying.

- 505hp 
- 443lb-ft of torque
- 191mph top speed
- 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds
- Active suspension selection
- Active aero splitter
- Genuine 50/50 balance of power weight distribution
- Fastest four-door sedan – Nürburgring laptime 7:32
- Advanced interior luxury
- Steering column-mounted aluminium paddle shifters
- Alfa DNA pro drive mode selector
- Torque vectoring
- All-aluminium 2.9L twin turbocharged V6 engine
- Optional Carbon ceramic Brembo high performance integrated brake system with ventilated disc brakes featuring six piston front and four piston rear brakes
- Indulgent elements – iconic in every way
- The legendary hand-made four-leaf clover, mounted on the right-hand front of each car, is a symbol of its race-worthy capabilities


The cars were displayed and demonstrated at the leading Arabian Ranches International Golf Course in Dubai – the event clearly a credit and a testament to the organisers, demonstrating the attention to detail that accompanies the reputation of Alfa Romeo.






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