100 Individuals Recover from Coronavirus in Bahrain

by BTM

Thu, 19 March 2020

100 Individuals Recover from Coronavirus in Bahrain

A total of 100 individuals have recovered from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, according to the Ministry of Health website.

The Ministry of Health had previously stated that all individuals under treatment undergo extensive medical testing to ensure their full recovery from the virus before being discharged. The ministry then continues to these individuals following their discharge.

The Ministry of Health has also begun announcing contact tracing information via their website: According to their official website, Contact Tracing has been implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, to ensure the continued health and safety of all citizens and residents, and involves the circulation of precautionary information detailing the locations visited by contacts of active cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). These notifications also include the dates individuals visited those locations.

Anyone who finds information on the site stating their presence or the presence of one of their relatives or acquaintances at a listed location should immediately contact 444 and follow the instructions provided.

All quarantined individuals in Bahrain are being monitored and cared for by a specialised medical team, in line with WHO guidelines, to guarantee the containment of the virus, preserving the health and safety of the community.

Citizens and residents returning from Iran during February or returning from Italy, South Korea, Egypt or Lebanon during the past 14 days, must register for medical examinations online or by calling 444.

Bahrain's efforts to prevent the spread of the virus have been recognised worldwide.