12 interesting facts about the King's coronation

by BTM

Thu, 04 May 2023

12 interesting facts about the King's coronation

As the world prepares to watch the coronation of King Charles and his Queen consort Camilla on May 6, here are 12 interesting facts about the coronation ahead of time.

Westminster Abbey

The Abbey has held every coronation since 1066. Prior to that, the coronation would be held wherever was most convenient, including Bath and Oxford.

King Charles

Charles will be the 40th sovereign crowned at the Abbey. As soon as a king or queen’s death is confirmed, their heir immediately becomes monarch. This means the coronation does not mark the moment a new monarch is anointed.


It’s expected that 2,000 guests will attend the ceremony. At Queen Elizabeth’s coronation there were over 8,000 guests.


The coronation is funded by the UK government. It is expected to be less extravagant than previous coronations.

Code names

Planning for the coronation has been going on for years, with the code name being Operation Golden Orb.

The emblem


The coronation includes the anointing of King Charles. The anointing oil has touches of rose, jasmine, neroli, amber and orange blossom. The oil has been used for hundreds of years and the Queen Consort will also be anointed with the same oil.

The crown

Legal issues

The coronation oath is the only aspect that is a legal requirement. In the oath, the monarch pledges to govern the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms. Because of territorial changes, Charles may have a different oath to that of his mothers.

Chicken fillers

Although well-known now, the Coronation Chicken sandwich was invented for foreign guests attending the Queens ceremony. Constance Spry is credited for creating the recipe for cold chicken in a curry cream sauce with rice, peas and mixed herbs now known as Coronation Chicken.

Coronation chair


Twelve newly commissioned pieces of music will be performed at the Coronation of The King and The Queen Consort.

A range of musical styles and performers blend tradition, heritage and ceremony with new musical voices of today, reflecting The King’s life-long love and support of music and the arts.
The King personally commissioned the new music and shaped and selected the musical programme for the Service, which will feature:

• A new Coronation Anthem by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
• A Coronation March by Patrick Doyle.
• A new commission for solo organ embracing musical themes from countries across the Commonwealth by Iain Farrington.
• At the request of His Majesty, in tribute to his late father, The Duke of Edinburgh, Greek Orthodox music will also feature in the Service performed by the Byzantine Chant Ensemble.
• Fanfares will be played by The State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry and The Fanfare Trumpeters of the Royal Air Force.