16 Members of Bahraini Family Contract COVID-19 by Non-compliance of Social Distancing Guidelines

by BTM

Sun, 10 May 2020

16 Members of Bahraini Family Contract COVID-19 by Non-compliance of Social Distancing Guidelines

The Ministry of Health has revealed that it has registered 16 active cases of the coronavirus among a single Bahraini family, including parents, siblings and infants, who were exposed to the virus by one of their family members (case no. 2930 under the contact tracing mechanism).

The Ministry stressed the importance of following all official health guidelines and social distancing measures intended to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) during the holy month of Ramadan. 

The initial infected family member was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and had not called the designated hotline no. (444) or self-isolated. Furthermore, the ministry stated that the individual failed to comply with government issued social distancing measures, which include limiting social gatherings during iftar and wearing masks whilst out in public.

The ministry stressed that strictly adhering to official social distancing guidelines is the responsibility of every individual, and doing so helps to safeguard the wider community. It had earlier been announced that the ministry has increased its testing capacity to ensure the early detection and treatment of active cases.

The coronavirus has remained in the transmission phase globally and there is currently no cure or vaccination for the illness. In this regard, the ministry noted that, while the Kingdom’s treatment protocol has been highly successful in mitigating the effects of the virus, halting community transmission is the most effective means to safeguard public health.

Ministry officials stressed that the adoption of a “prevention is better than cure” approach for all citizens would be advisable, underlining the importance of following all COVID-19 precautionary guidelines issued by the government.

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