2018 Prize Campaign Launched

by BTM

Thu, 01 February 2018

2018 Prize Campaign Launched
Following the successes of previous years, CrediMax has launched 2018’s grand ‘We Give The Max’ campaign giving cardholders the chance to win 12 luxurious prizes - six Lexus ES 350s and six 1kg gold bars. 

The campaign runs until the end of the year and introduces new valuable rewards.

The company’s chief executive, Yousif Ali Mirza, says: “CrediMax has built a strong, binding and close personalised relationship with its customers over the years providing a superior quality of customer service offering value for money, rewards and benefits. Our goal is to ensure that customers experience and receive rewards to see the value of using our products and services in their everyday purchases. Purchases like daily groceries, necessities to travel, entertainment and luxury shopping – we reward our customers and give them a more convenient and secured means of payment over cash.  

“We provide incentives and rewards to make our customers opt for making secured card payments rather than cash payments wherever they are and whenever they want. As we have done very recently, we provided instant rewards for using the CrediMax Digital Wallet “MaxWallet” at cinemas, fast food and coffee shops. The 2018 campaign is driven from our goal and mission to reward our loyal customers and we plan many more to come in the year that will provide instant rewards for using our products and services.”

“CrediMax will be introducing a large variety of added-value offers, promotions and rewards during 2018 in addition to its main campaign and many instant rewards will be awaiting our customers in 2018,” he concluded.

To be eligible to enter the raffle draw and get a chance to win, cardholders must use a monthly accumulated amount of BD 300 and can double their chances when using an accumulated amount of BD 300 outside Bahrain.

For more details on CrediMax’s “We Give The Max” campaign raffle schedule and other products and services, please visit or call on 17117117.