31 Members of Family Contract Coronavirus in Bahrain By Non-compliance with Health Guidelines

by BTM

Wed, 13 May 2020

31 Members of Family Contract Coronavirus in Bahrain By Non-compliance with Health Guidelines

The Ministry of Health has stated that negligence and reckless non-compliance of health guidelines has caused the transmission of COVID-19 amongst 31 members of a Bahraini family and their relatives.

The ministry highlighted that it has registered active COVID-19 cases amongst contacts of active cases, resulting in the transmission of the virus amongst family members, and other families. Furthermore, the Ministry noted that a number of members of a Bahraini family with active COVID-19 had not complied with the precautionary measures and social distancing guidelines issued, even after experiencing symptoms of the virus. Some members of the family were then in contact with other families during various gatherings, which has caused the transmission of the virus to a total of 31 individuals. The Ministry further noted that contact tracing efforts are still ongoing to ensure all contacts of the active cases are identified.

The ministry stressed the importance of carefully following all health and precautionary guidelines, adding that awareness of the dangers of COVID-19 is imperative to the successful prevention and containment of the virus. This includes limiting big family gatherings during Iftar, refraining from hosting Ghabgas and refraining from attending or hosting Ramadhan Majlises. The Ministry further noted the importance of wearing face masks, following social distancing guidelines, and going out in public only when absolutely necessary.

The ministry emphasised that the virus is still at its transmission phase globally, and there are currently no cures or vaccines. The Ministry further pointed out that the Kingdom’s treatment protocol is not a cure for the virus but supports the recovery stage.

The ministry reiterated the importance of continuing to vigilantly follow the guidelines issued by the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19), adding that laboratory tests have revealed an increase in COVID-19 cases due to reckless non-compliance of widely distributed and readily available precautionary health guidelines.

The ministry concluded by stressing the adoption of a “prevention is better than cure” approach, stressing the importance of adhering to all official guidelines in this regard.

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