400 e-lessons Prepared for Technical Students

by BTM

Wed, 22 April 2020

Bahrain e-lessons Prepared for Technical Students

Director of Technical and Vocational Education at the Education Ministry, Dr. Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Al-Siddiqi, said that the Directorate has provided educational materials that support the online learning process.

A total of 400 e-lessons for specialised and theoretical subjects have been prepared and uploaded to the educational portal, and 23 practical lessons at schools’ workshops have been filmed, with work currently underway to deliver centralised lessons on the ‘Teams’ application.

“97% of technical and vocational students have completed their first practice or task on time and schools are contacting the remaining students and providing them with the necessary support to finish it,” he said.

The Directorate had set up specialised committees and work teams to produce interesting and attractive digital materials, under the supervision of educational specialists and qualified teachers to upload them to the educational portal.

“The Directorate had contributed to delivering televised lessons on Bahrain Sports 2 channel to ensure that the students receive the required educational competencies to pass the school year,” he said.

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