A Win Win for Charity - 9th Annual Swimming Challenge

by BTM

Tue, 06 November 2018

A Win Win for Charity: 9th Annual Swimming Challenge
The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain held the 9th annual swimming challenge at the Royal Beach Club to raise money for the Friendship Society for the Blind. More than 70 participants came out to “swim-for-a-cause” raising a final donation of BD1,500.

Winners of the 200m and 1km heats:

Under 10 Boys (200 Metres)
First Place: Louise Cornee (03:32:48)
Second Place: Ryle Hassett (04.04.49)
Third Place: Callum Lynn (04:04.64)

Under 10 Girls (200 Metres)
First Place: Maya Malhas (03:58:82)
Second Place: Ileana Cornee (04.09.26)
Third Place: Dora Bukla (4:21.98)

Men’s Open (1 Kilometre)
First Place: Zoral Bilal (12:44.30)
Second Place: Liam Mashal (12.46.48)
Third Place: Adham Gomac (13:17.05)

Women’s Open (1 Kilometre)
First Place: Asma Le Falher (11:59:23)
Second Place: Sana Le Falher (12.28.97)
Third Place: Christina Hammerould (12:36.87)