Bahrain Attends Forum on Resuming Work Amid COVID-19

by BTM

Sun, 28 June 2020

Bahrain Attends Forum on Resuming Work Amid COVID-19

The Arab Labour Organisation held an interactive forum via video conference, under the theme “Resuming work amid COVID-19.

Labour and Social Development Ministry Assistant Undersecretary Ahmed Jaffer Al-Haiki took part in the virtual session, along with officials representing Arab Governments, employers and employees.

The remote session highlighted precautionary measures to ensure a safe and healthy environment during the phased resumption of work in Arab countries.

It stressed the importance of stepping up cooperation and coordination between Governments, employees and employees to ensure compliance with the preventive measures and contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Addressing the virtual session, Al-Haiki highlighted precautionary measures in Bahrain to curb the pandemic, citing particularly the enforcement of social distancing at work sites and labour camps.

He outlined the directives of the Ministry of Health and other competent authorities to comply with precautionary measures for the safety of workers who represent a top priority, being the cornerstone of the economic revitalization.

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