Bahrain: Doctor Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Forging Medical Prescriptions

by BTM

Wed, 01 July 2020

Bahrain Doctor Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

The High Criminal Court issued its ruling in a case in which a doctor was accused of leading a ring specialised in forging medical prescriptions to be used in dispensing high quantities of narcotic drugs and medications and, then, re-selling them at exorbitant prices to people taking them.

The court ruled to convict the defendants, sentenced the doctor to seven years in jail, handed jail terms ranging from one to six years to five other convicts and acquitted one defendant.

The Anti-narcotics Directorate has reported that the defendants were caught red-handed selling narcotics. In addition, large quantities of narcotics and big amounts of money were found in their possession. 

An investigation revealed that the convicted doctor helped the other convicts by falsifying medical prescriptions and dispensing them to be re-sold later.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation immediately after reporting the case to it. It questioned the suspects, the witnesses and members of the technical committee commissioned for examination and unloading computers of many hospitals. During the investigation it was found that medical prescriptions, issued by public and private hospitals, were forged by the doctor who would confirm that the people whose names were written in the prescriptions had reported to the hospitals, undergone check-ups and needed the medication prescribed to them, which was all contrary to the reality.

The investigation found that the convicted doctor received the names from other defendants who provided him with copies of their ID cards to use their data in writing the counterfeit prescriptions. The defendants then dispensed them with the help of other suspects working in pharmacies who were accused of complicity with the doctor.

The Public Prosecution referred the suspects to the High Criminal Court which issued its afore-mentioned verdict.

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