Bahrain: Mayo Clinic Assesses RCSI-AMH Academic Collaboration

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Mon, 04 December 2023

Bahrain: Mayo Clinic Assesses RCSI-AMH Academic Collaboration

An international consulting team representing Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA visited the facilities of the American Mission Hospital (AMH), and also the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI-MUB), in Busaiteen, in November 2023.

The team assessed the AMH academic work stream and the ongoing collaboration between Bahrain’s two healthcare organisations.

“The newly opened King Hamad American Mission Hospital (KHAMH) in A’Ali – which is the fifth and the largest of our AMH facilities - is also the official teaching hospital for the students of RCSI-MUB,” says AMH’s Corporate CEO, Dr. George Cheriyan.

“Thanks to the wise leadership of this nation, which aims to improve the overall healthcare delivery in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a year-long engagement with Mayo Clinic has also begun,” he adds.

Mayo Clinic was ranked No. 1, among the World's Best Hospitals 2023, by Newsweek-Statista’s Global Hospital Ratings, this year.

Another of AMH’s leaders, Dr. Deepak Abraham, who took up his role as the hospital’s Chief of Medical Staff, in February said: “This Mayo Clinic engagement spans three work streams: governance, academics and quality. The governance workstream visit was completed in June 2023, and it was followed by the visits of AMH board members and AMH leadership teams to Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA, in October.”

According to a statement from the hospital, the Mayo Clinic assessment, held from November 14 to November 16, 2023 included visits to various places and also several interactions with the leaders of the organisations.

“It involved discussions around the existing partnership for student rotations, internship programmes, and the future establishment of residency programmes,” says Dr. Deepak Abraham.

“RCSI has established a Clinical Trials Unit at the King Hamad American Mission Hospital, which will help in placing Bahrain on the world map by bringing cutting edge multicentric Phase II and Phase III clinical trials to Bahrain,” he adds.

“We are impressed with the close association of the two institutions in Bahrain, which clearly promises an enhancement in the level of medical education offered in the kingdom,” says Principal Analyst of Mayo Clinic International Consulting, Ben Langholz.

Another consulting team member, Operations Administrator from the Education Services of Mayo Clinic, Bob Speary, says: “Mayo Clinic is committed to help AMH as they strive to pursue the establishment of postgraduate training programmes in select specialties in the kingdom.”

The academic work stream assessment culminated in the first ‘Symposium of Pediatrics’ held on Sunday, November 19 at KHAMH in A’Ali, with an expert faculty from Mayo Clinic, Dr. Seema Kumar who spoke and held panel discussions with ten other speakers.

In last month’s symposium, the chair of Mayo Clinic’s Pediatric Endocrinology Division and the programme director for the Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship, Dr. Seema Kumar, gave two lectures.  One on tackling Childhood Obesity in the Middle East and Bahrain and another on the management of type-1 diabetes in children and the latest technologies in diabetes management.

The CEOs’ Meeting
Gianrico Farrugia, M.D. (left), the President and CEO of Mayo Clinic with George Cheriyan, M.D., Corporate CEO of American Mission Hospital, at Rochester, Minnesota, USA, in October 2023

The Board Members and Management teams of Mayo Clinic and AMH meet in Rochester, MN, USA in October 2023

15 November 2023. Academic Work Stream Meeting in Manama of Mayo Clinic, RCSI and AMH. 
(Left to Right) Prof. Alfred Nicholson, VP Academic Affairs/Head of School of Medicine, RCSI Bahrain, (b) Dr Deepak Abraham (AMH), Chief of Medical Staff, AMH, (c) Bob Speary, Operations Administrator - Education Services, Mayo Clinic, (d)  Ben Langholz, Senior Business Analyst, Mayo Clinic Global Consulting, (e) Prof. Sameer Otoom, President, RCSI Bahrain  (f) Sam Aras, Manager of Learning & Development, American Mission Hospital (g) Prof. Naji Alamuddin, Dy. Head of School of Medicine, RCSI Bahrain

Prof. Seema Kumar of Mayo Clinic, in a panel discussion
Prof. Kumar spoke at the ‘Symposium in Pediatrics’ organized at the King Hamad American Mission Hospital Auditorium, in A’Ali, on 19 November 2023.

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