Bahrain Sports Day: What you need to know

by BTM

Tue, 31 January 2023

Bahrain Sports Day:  What you need to know

It’s time to get your fitness on and join in on the fun with Bahrain Sports Day.

What is it?

Bahrain Sports Day is the chance for everyone to take part in a fun-filled weekend with entertainment for the entire family. No matter your level of fitness, you can join in on the action. The idea is to promote a healthy lifestyle and being active and there’s no better way to get moving to have an entire weekend dedicated to getting fit.

From cycling, running, basketball and fencing, you’ll be covered in with an array of events to choose from.

Where is it:

The event will take place at the Bahrain International Circuit


2-4 February


2pm – 11pm


For free

Want to volunteer? Click here for more info.

Interactive sessions:

Whether you are interested in a fitness bootcamp or training with the paramedic academy team, you'll have a chance to get some insight from experts in their field. Check out the details in the below post.

Even more fun

You can also check out all these cool classes. From yoga to breath work, Wagalag is creating spaces for you and the whole family to be active.