Bahrain Weather Forecast - April 29

by BTM

Wed, 29 April 2020

Bahrain Weather Forecast - April 29

The Meteorological Directorate forecast cloudy weather with a chance of isolated rain showers later which may become thundery associated with rising sand at times.

Temperatures expected are a maximum of 34 degrees Celsius and minimum of 23 degrees Celsius. Humidity expected is a maximum of 90% and minimum of 15%.

There is a warning for thundery showers and very strong gusts.

Wind: Mostly easterly to southeasterly, 7 to 12 knots occasionally 17 to 22 knots, with isolated gusts that may reach 40 knots at times later.

Sea waves: 1 to 2 feet inshore, 3 to 5 feet offshore, rising temporary up to 9 feet during gusts.

Tides at Mina Salman: High at 9:11 am and 9:12 pm; low at 3:05 pm and 3:43 am

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