Bahrain Weather Forecast - May 31

by BTM

Sun, 31 May 2020

Bahrain Weather Forecast - May 31

According to the Meteorological Directorate, today’s weather is forecast to be fine with rising sand in places during the day. 

Temperatures expected are a maximum of 39 degrees Celsius and minimum of 27 degrees Celsius. Humidity: Maximum 80% and minimum 20%.

There is a weather warning for strong winds. Wind: Northwesterly, 12 to 17 knots reaching 20 to 25 knots at times, decreasing to 7 to 12 knots later

Sea waves: 1 to 3 feet inshore, 3 to 6 feet offshore. Tides at Mina Salman: High at 12:17 pm and 12:09 am; low at6:37 pm and 6:58 am.

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