Bahraini designer Noor Mohsin hired by Louis Vuitton

by BTM

Tue, 31 January 2023

Bahraini designer Noor Mohsin hired by Louis Vuitton

Noor Mohsin has established herself as a creative designer who is known for her jewellery designs and intricate sewing ability when it comes to accessories like bags and shoes.

She’s impressed so much that she’s been officially hired to work with luxury brand Louis Vuitton. She started working with the brand in December in Paris and now the move has been cemented.

She’ll focus on high-end women’s designer bags, a delicate craft she’s experienced in.

The move makes her the first Arab and Bahraini women to work with LV.

Mohsin has a Master’s degree in luxury design, focussing on leather goods, jewellery and accessories.  She shares her craft on her Insta page, which shows her use of bright colours, stylish pattern and skill with perfect sewing.

From Bahrain to Paris and beyond!