‘Bahrainouna’ Announces Photography and Videography Contest Winners

by BTM

Wed, 24 June 2020

The Executive office of the National Plan Bahrainouna has announced the winners of the photography and videography contest, “Bahrain Through our Lens”.

The contest started on January 8 and lasted for a whole month, with a total of 500 creative works from more than 210 participants. All creative works were evaluated by a jury, in addition to the electronic voting by the public, with more than 3760 votes during the voting phase which lasted from February 16 to March 31.

In the Photography category, the results were as follows in accordance with the jury's assessment:

- First Place winner (Khalifa Shaheen Photography Award) with a cash prize of BD 500: Sanaullah Muhammad Ali.

- Second Place winner with a cash prize of BD 300: Isa Saleh Isa Al Taraif.
- Third Place winner with a cash prize of BD 200: Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed Sayyar.

Fatema Foozy Ahmed Khalaf received the highest public votes through Bahrainouna’s website, with a cash prize of BD 300.

In the Videography category, Mohamed Sadeq Al Asfoor’s creative work was the highest rated by the jury, and he won a cash prize of BD 300, while Peter Anthony JR Villarba Lee received the highest public votes through Bahrainouna’s website, with a cash prize of BD 300 as well.

The contest aimed to provide an opportunity for professional and amateur photographers from the citizens and residents of the Kingdom to unleash their creativity and express their views on the values of citizenship by reflecting them in photographs and videos.

The jury for the contest consisted of Bahrain's leading cinematographer and photographer, Khalifa Shaheen, Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Resources and Services at the Ministry of Education and Photographer, Khalid Ghareeb, Director of Media and University Relations at the University of Bahrain and Journalist, Ghassan Y. Al Shehabi, Member of the Executive Office of Bahrainouna and Marketing and Public Relations Consultant, Samya Hussain,and Director of Communications at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and member of the Executive Office of ‘Bahrainouna, Ebtihal Al Tawash.

Commenting, Bahrainouna’s Executive Office Director, Ms. Hala Sulaiman said:

“Bahrainouna Through Our Lens contest came within Bahrainouna’s Executive Office events and activities to raise and promote awareness on the national values, as well as creating engagement and interaction with and by the citizens and residents in the Kingdom. The Executive Office previously organised a contest on Instagram which had a great interaction. We are very pleased with the number and the quality of the creative works we received in the Photography and Videography contest, which proves that Bahrain is full of artistic talents that deserve recognition, and we look forward to organising more contests in the future”.

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