Bahrain's Christina - how she became the best TikToker in the country

by BTM

Wed, 14 September 2022

Bahrain's Christina - how she became the best TikToker in the country

TikToker, social media influencer, and all-around entertainer, Christina, who hails from Ireland has been making waves with her funny skits online in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Her dedication to her craft has paid off winning her Bahrain's Best Tiktoker at the recent Social Media Awards held in the Kingdom. Christina_glowup as she is known on Instagram is also a make-up artist and a part of the Sephora make-up squad. She continues to keep social media users entertained by learning new languages on camera and talking about life in Bahrain.

She chats to Bahrain This Month about her win.

How do you feel about winning?

First of all, thank you to the fans for making this happen.

You all embrace me and make me feel at home here in Bahrain and I love your warmth generosity and kindness. Coming here from Ireland after marrying my husband Hussain was quite scary(not knowing anyone or anything) but Bahrain opened its heart to me and I will forever love this kingdom. I didn’t even have a driving license when I moved here!!

It feels….surreal, I never imagined I’d be so blessed to have achieved this award. I Never imagined when I started my  TikTok journey this is where it would take me.

What’s your advice for people wanting to join TikTok?

It’s very important to always remain authentic and to be yourself. Always have fun and be creative with your audience. Follower engagement is very important too. I love to interact with my followers and see what they enjoy the most.

I feel very inspired and appreciative of the platform I  have created. To deliver entertainment and enjoyment for my followers is very meaningful to me, I love to leave people with a happy positive experience on my account.

What’s your advice for becoming an influencer?

Again it’s all about being original and individualistic. When followers see authentic content it helps reach a wider audience as it’s relatable and assists in growing your following. We live in a society today where being authentic is not always necessary to the forefront. People love to see good humour, fun, and comedy.

How did you discover your niche on Tiktok?

Initially, I created my account with the intention of generating fun and enjoyment. I Never imagined it would take off like it has thanks to such great followers here in Bahrain and reaching a wide audience globally. Being Irish in Bahrain and learning Arabic was something very different and people loved to see it and got involved with my journey living here.

It has now taken a life of its own where I learn Urdu and Hindi to name a few. I love how interactive my Tiktok is and how much I get to relate to my followers. Find something you are passionate about and love to do, that’s your niche.

What made you branch away from your niche on Instagram and try something new?

I feel my TikTok is such a diverse mix of content. I trained as an actress for three years at the drama conservatory of Dublin Ireland. So naturally, that side of me felt elated on TikTok.

Originally makeup was the first type of content however as I was very new to Bahrain and still shy to show that side of myself. My passions are so varied I felt I needed to expand my content to include all the things I love - makeup languages/comedy and all the wonderful experiences I have living here in Bahrain with my husband Hussain.

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