BRCS Starts Distributing Ramadan Aid to 4000 Families

by BTM

Mon, 14 March 2022

BRCS Starts Distributing Ramadan Aid to 4000 Families

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society has begun distributing aid for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan to over 4000 families spread throughout 73 cities and villages across Bahrain.

Needy families registered at the society have been receiving the aid at the society’s headquarters. With over four decades of experience, the society has made necessary preparations to guarantee a seamless and uncomplicated distribution of aid to the needy with the help of their volunteers.

“We express our gratitude to the society's volunteers and affiliates, particularly the Social Service Committee, for their consistent efforts. We assure the public that the society’s departments will work together to identify and support those who are truly in need,” says Head of the Social Services Committee, Adel Aljar.

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society called on companies and institutions operating in Bahrain as well as philanthropists among citizens and residents to make donations for the success of the aid programme this year, as in past years.

To reach out to the Bahrain Red Crescent Society, call 17 293-171.

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