BSH - Coronavirus Awareness Spread

by BTM

Wed, 19 February 2020

Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH) hosted a special event this week to highlight the deadly Coronavirus and build awareness of risks and prevention.

The presentation was held at the offices of the Economic Development Board and led by BSH’s internal medicine consultant Dr Syed Muneebuddin Ahmed and Emad Almukahal.

The virus has spread rapidly around the globe in the past month after being first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan and it has been declared to be a global emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The main concern is that the virus could spread uncontrollably to countries with weak health systems due to the lack of facilities and equipment to contain it or recognise it.

corono virus in bahrainTogether, BSH and the EDB decided to hold the seminar to make other corporate entities aware of steps they must take to maintain a safe workplace.

Dr Arpan David, CEO of BSH, said: “We are glad to educate and share awareness to the general public as we have to start taking action in order to prevent this virus from spreading.”

Information and advice offered during the conference included restricting international travel to affected areas, performing medical inquiries to the extent legally permitted, imposing potential quarantines for employees who have travelled, permitting leaves of absence and work from home options, and educating management and employees.