BTM Test Drive – Rolls-Royce Ghost

by BTM

Thu, 08 June 2023

When driving the Rolls-Royce Ghost, several things become apparent immediately after starting off – the silence inside the car is almost ominous and very little can be heard from the outside on the inside. The ambient noise and even the normal sound of air as one travels is conspicuous by its absence. Then there is a smoothness of travel as the Ghost silently and smoothly glides across almost all prepared road surfaces with an illusion of floating. The motion of the car is so smooth that one wonders if the Ghost is in actual contact with the road.

Inside the luxurious interior is modern technology that is truly impressive and places the driver in total control of all aspects of the motor car and its performance and operation like being in the cockpit of a modern jet aircraft.

It is a spacious car, a large luxury motor car however, let there be no mistake – the Ghost unleashes power when wanted. The fast acceleration of the car combined with the silence makes the driving experience seamless.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost offers a familiar silhouette and traditional lines coupled with modernization and advanced technology that provides luxury, high performance, confidence, assurance and peace of mind to the driver that they are in full control of possibly the best luxury motor vehicle in the world today.

Built on rigid aluminium Rolls-Royce motor cars spaceframe architecture, allowing designers and engineers to incorporate more technology such as all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for unprecedented poise and surefootedness.

The New Ghost incorporates a world first Planar suspension system significantly increasing agility and effortlessness and is equipped with hallmark 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 engine, delivering 571PS and 850nm.

For effortless egress, doors now electrically open as well as close and the interior components are tuned to specific resonant frequency to create a sense of serenity. The down lit Pantheon grille discreetly illuminates the Rolls-Royce iconography and the illuminated Fascia debuts featuring Ghost nameplate surrounded by more than 850 stars.

Click below link to see more and access the full features of the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

EuroMotors Bahrain are the are the authorised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealers in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

With special thanks and appreciation to the Bahrain National Museum and Amwaj Marina for location photography permissions.