Capital Municipality Launches Home Services for Elderly, Persons of Determination

by BTM

Sun, 07 June 2020

Bahrain Capital Municipality Launches Home Services

The Capital Municipality has launched an in-home services program for the elderly and for persons of determination.

 The "We Serve You at Your Home" initiative provides more than 16 services that include obtaining building insurance and licenses, housing statements, address cards, address plates, building licenses of less than 50 square meters, and garbage bags.

Under the program, the beneficiary calls a number to book an appointment and a dedicated employee reaches out to him and provides him with the required services.

 “The home service initiative is based on social responsibility towards the elderly and the persons of determination and eagerness to provide quality services and ensure the satisfaction of beneficiaries,” said  Director General of the Capital Municipality, Shawkia Humaidan.

 “We want the senior citizens and the persons of determination to receive the services they want without having to go to the buildings and apply for them.”

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