Charity Gala Lunch for People with Special Needs

by BTM

Sun, 09 June 2019

Charity Gala Lunch for people with special needs at the Gulf Hotel, Under the patronage of the French Ambassador and organized by "Strategy Art"

Under the patronage of the Ambassador of the Republic of France to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mrs. Cécile Longe, the Bahraini company “Strategy Art” organized a charity Gala Lunch on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain. The Gala lunch was dedicated to provide the French School in Bahrain with a special kind of vehicle (Wheel Chair) for enabling people with special needs to participate in sport races.

“Strategy Art” Company stressed on the importance of charitable work, and the right of people with special needs to have proper care and attention from the society. This is what motivated the company to plan this event in the holy month of Ramadan in order to contribute in supporting this group of people to realize their dreams.

The special vehicle, which is the fruit of this Charity Gala Lunch, is going to be utilized by people who have not previously participated in sports competitions because of the lack of needed equipment in the Kingdom of Bahrain, through the participation of the French school and those involved in this type of sports competitions.

In her speech, the French Ambassador expressed her pleasure in supporting the Event, which reflects the richness of Bahraini-French cooperation. She also thanked all those who took part in the event, specifically the organizing company and all the supporters. Her Excellency concluded by saying that it is important for the Wheelchair to be available to the various private and public bodies concerned in Bahrain, wishing that this event will be the beginning of further support for the special needs category.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Ahdiya Ahmed Al Sayed, Chairperson of the Bahrain Journalists Society, stressed the importance of supporting charity work and its media coverage in order to promote events related to people with special needs.

The company expressed gratitude to the French Ambassador for sponsoring the charity Gala Lunch, which expresses her belief in charitable work and attention to the people with special needs in the local community.
"Strategy Art" also thanked the Gulf Hotel Bahrain, which supported the event and contributed to its success, and the French School for utilizing the special vehicle as needed during coming sports races.

The company also noted that the idea of introducing this kind of vehicle was presented initially by Mr. Christophe Parczynski, a teacher at the French school, before adapting it by Strategy Art Company.