Check out this Exhibition Featuring 11 Artists in Bahrain

by BTM

Tue, 13 February 2024

Check out this Exhibition Featuring 11 Artists in Bahrain

“Sailing Through Time" an Art Exhibition taking place at the Artistic Frames in Budaiya, invites you on a captivating journey through history and artistic expression. Featuring works by diverse artists across various mediums, this exhibition takes place until the 16th of February and is surely one to be at and explore the theme of time travel, both literal and metaphorical. Imagine a vessel traversing different eras, collecting artistic treasures from each stop. Prepare to be swept away by a kaleidoscope of styles, narratives, and emotions as you encounter unique perspectives on time's passage.

The Art Exhibition features some highly talented artists: 

Sudeep Sudhir Deshpande an Architect, A Painter, a metal Sculptor by profession & Poet by nature. His native place is Nasik, Maharashtra State, India. Having Graduated in the field of Architecture in 2003, from Pune University & With 20 years of Experience in the Field of Art & design, He came to the island of opportunity 15 years ago and began his journey as an artist. He has been actively involved in showcasing his art in India & Bahrain for the past 20 years and has had several Solo and Group exhibitions held with various organisations here in Bahrain. 

Kailas V. Wadke, A Freelance Graphic and Brand Designer in advertising based in Bahrain. Grown up in the vibrant streets of Mumbai, India, his childhood was marked by a self-driven exploration of art. that turned into his hobby/passion with a particular focus on developing a distinctive realistic painting approach. As a self-taught artist, He has embraced the challenge of infusing each piece with a depth that speaks to his independent exploration of the craft, particularly within the realm of realistic painting style using mixed media. Rediscovering the artistic pursuit that captivated his childhood. 

Praseetha Ullas A self-taught artist, her love for painting began in childhood and has since developed into a passion. Her artistic style is a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary elements. Her paintings are deeply rooted in Indian folk art, and are heavily influenced by Indian mythology, religion, and folklore. Her works focus on intricate details and line work, exploring shapes with texture and brush strokes, striving to capture the essence of subjects, using colour and forms to convey emotion and feeling while exploring and learning new techniques and styles.

Irina Kotova, her drawings are an inspiration from the beauty and power of nature. Her paintings of seascapes, landscapes, flowers, and other natural elements capture the essence of hope and the human spirit. Through her art, she aims to convey a sense of optimism and resilience, reminding us that even in the face.

Nikita Kabra, having been born in India and brought up in the Middle East, she has perpetually embraced the spirit of exploration. By means of her artistic creations, encompassing paintings and sculptures, she delves into the realms of discovery, employing diverse mediums and art forms to ascertain the aspects that truly resonate with her individuality. Her artistic creations are composed of a dynamic and vivid range of hues, mirroring the beauty found in the natural world.

Anju Kapoor is a self-taught artist, who is currently residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, she has completed her Masters in Banking from the University of Mumbai. She has always been drawn towards, 'Paintings on Women', Her artwork, is characterised by gestural brush strokes, portraying an impression of an emotional spontaneity on her canvas. She has participated In, an exhibition Titled Harmony'.  Her artwork, conveyed a gentle portrayal of her protagonists’ emotions, around many seasons. Her recent participation was for Yatharth, an art exhibit based on a theatrical play. She enjoys using Acrylic, as an art medium, to do her paintings. 

Nirela Sahinagic is a Bahrain based photographer and a self-taught Artist from Bosnia & Herzegovina where she studied Economics before indulging herself into the World of Art and never looked back. Her inspiration comes from her two gorgeous girls and supportive husband, who have never doubted her and her magical journey. She would like to combine both photography and painting together alongside other medias. Moreover, she hopes to meet more artists through Exhibitions or collaborations soon. 

Art is rich and layered, a continuous tapestry spanning many centuries. For Bhavana Singh it does not hold a particular single definition, it’s what we have to be with open-mind, curiosity and sense of wonder. Moreover, it’s an interpretation of what we see rather than the literal representation. Inspired by the evolving history and culture her artwork includes a visual treat recreated in different forms, techniques but varying them is all about subject matter.

Smita Gupta is a self-taught artist and has always expressed herself through Art & Crafts and paintings. Her artworks primarily focus on Acrylic on canvas, Watercolours, Abstract art, Sketches, Portraits, Textured works, Liquid art, Mandala art and create new objects with recycled materials used. 

Sujesh Pazhedath, an artist hailing from Ponnani in Malappuram District, Kerala-India. Currently runs his own Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in Bahrain.  Passed (K.G.C.E FINE ARTS) course under Kerala Govt(2000).  After that he worked in various schools for a while and has now taken up teaching drawing & painting in Bahrain too. His passion for art has brought his closer to the group and has been a driving factor to him being a part of these exhibitions. 

Jacqueline was born in UK in 1946 and is of Portuguese/British ethnicity with Bahraini/British nationality.  Her life as an artist started 17 years ago. She had a natural talent for drawing and learned to paint by attending many courses in the U.K. and Bahrain which were tutored by talented, known artists.  Even now she enjoys attending such courses and looking at tutorials on You Tube because there is always something new and interesting to learn. Jacqueline’s favourite medium is acrylics but she occasionally paints in oils and watercolours. Lino printing is a new skill which she has been using to widen her artistic skills and her prints have proven to be popular with art lovers. Jacqueline has exhibited in many group exhibitions and had artwork accepted for the 43rd Annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition.

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