Chef Tala takes the Oak Room

by BTM

Wed, 25 January 2023

Chef Tala takes the Oak Room

Tala Bashmi is the Bahrain-born and Swiss trained chef who has made headlines around the world for her delicious meals and authoritative voice on modern Bahraini cuisine.

Her restaurant, Fusions by Tala, at Mananma’s Gulf Hotel Bahrain allows guests to indulge in a delicious eating journey that is hard to match.

Now Chef Tala will partner with the Oak Room to bring you an evening of food delight. Here’s what you need to know:


On Saturday, 28 January, she will serve a curated Signature Sessions menu.

Who is she?

Chef Tala made a name for herself when she competed in Top Chef Middle East. After launching her restaurant in 2017, Fusions of Tala, the chef became a global sensation. In December 2021, she was named the first Middle East & North Africa’s Best Female Chef. And in 2022 she was named MENA’s Best Female Chef 2022.

The food

Tala is known for tantalising tastebuds with traditional and regional dishes. Guests at The Abu Dhabu Edition will get a menu that takes the best of the Oak Room and her restaurant.  There will also be a grape pairing from Oak Room’s own Sommelier selection.


At AED 500 per person, you’ll get to enjoy food from Tala and The Oak Room, please meet the award-winning chef.

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