Clap for Bahrain Carers Initiative to Take Place Tomorrow at 8 pm

by BTM

Wed, 01 April 2020

Clap for Bahrain Carers

Residents of Bahrain have been called to clap, from the safety of their homes, in appreciation of healthcare workers, the authorities and all those at the frontline of Bahrain’s battle against the coronavirus.

Join in on Thursday April 2nd at 8pm for a big applause to show all the medical staff, our nurses; doctors; cleaners; gps and carers, our appreciation for their ongoing hard work and fight against this virus. The initiative, Clap for Bahrain Carers, was launched by teacher, entrepreneur and Chairperson of the Manama Theatre Club, Hannah Turner, along with her eleven-year-old daughter, Saoirse Lynch. 

Speaking to Bahrain This Month, Mrs. Turner explained that those participating are expected to clap from the safety of their homes from front doors, windows, balconies or their garden, as opposed to gathering in the streets or in groups. “It’s important that we still stay home and follow social distancing instructions as provided to us by the authorities,” she said.

Since the initial spread of the coronavirus, Bahrain has implemented numerous preventative measures that have gained the Kingdom international recognition. “ Bahrain is doing an incredible job of protecting us and keeping us, our loved ones, and Bahrain, safe. During these difficult times our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers need to know that we are grateful,” she said.

The initiative was inspired by a similar initiative which took place in the UK last week. “We were standing outside our house clapping for healthcare workers in the UK, but there was no one else around, and we realised that something must be done to show our appreciation in Bahrain too,” she said.

The event has since been supported by the renowned Bahraini actress, Shaima Sabt, who shared the event with her 2 million followers. “I’d also like to thank my friend, Hana Ali, who helped with creating all the event’s graphics and translations too,” she said.

“Please share this message, so we can make sure the word spreads and reaches all to join!,” she added

Remember to follow Bahrain’s guidelines-  stay at home, and do not gather in groups of more than 5 when participating. To RSVP to the Stay at Home event, kindly click here:

You can also follow Clap for Bahrain Carers on Facebook and Instagram for updates.