Cool Bahraini bands you need to know

by BTM

Sat, 17 June 2023

Cool Bahraini bands you need to know

Music is the universal language that everyone speaks and even then, there are a few musicians that emerge and speak the language of your soul.

These five bands are some of Bahrain's best and should be added to your playlist with immediate effect!

Just over ten years old, the Majaz band has gone through quite the sonic journey over the past decade - transforming, shaping and moulding their sound into what is it today. The four-piece progressive fusion folk band tranforms musical genres to create tunes everyone can relate to.

Do You Really Like It
Do You Really Like It is a super popular indie rock band based on the island. They released their first Ep in 2017 and changed their sound after Covid, descrbing themselves as being more "electric" than before.

Proudly waving the flag for the “misfits” of the world, this musical group embodies the dictionary definition of misfits in their music. The popular emerging group as known for their acoustic performances and have gained a small cult following in the Kingdom.

JackRabbit Slims
The Jackrabbit Slims, a band from Bahrain, has captivated crowds at sold-out events across the Kingdom with their lively music. The band comprises five seasoned musicians, Leila Matahen (lead vocals), Iba Almohsen (electric guitar and backing vocals), Ismail Gharib (bass guitar), Joel Dev (keyboards) and Krishain De Waas (drums). 

The Oracle Project
The Oracle Project, who describe their music as experimental atmospheric rock, definitely goes heavy, and their ever-growing fanbase loves every moment.