Death Sentence for Three Asians Upheld in Bahrain

by BTM

Tue, 28 April 2020

Death Sentence for Three Asians Upheld in Bahrain

A death sentence handed down by the High Criminal Court to three Asians for committing a premeditated theft-related murder was upheld by the High Court of Appeal yesterday.

Previously, the Public Prosecution received a notification from the Security Directorate about a seriously injured Asian national found on a public road. He was transferred to hospital for treatment but died from his injuries.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation into the case which showed that the three convicts had planned to kill the victim and dragged him to a secluded area on the road. The victim was then severely beaten with a hammer and brick, following which they took possession of his money and two mobile phones and fled the scene.

The death sentence was issued due to the aggravating circumstances in committing the crime, the suspects’ insistence to perpetrate it with prior planning and committing it by taking advantage of the victim's inability to defend himself or be defended by others. 

The death sentence is challengeable by the force of law before the Court of Cassation. Therefore, the case file will be sent to the court’s Technical Office for presentation before the court.

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