Doctor Receives Court Verdict for Abstaining from Home Quarantine

by BTM

Thu, 09 April 2020

Doctor Receives Court Verdict for Abstaining from Home Quarantine

A doctor was convicted yesterday of abstaining from implementing self-confinement at home, which was imposed on him to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and exposing other people to infection. The Low Criminal Court sentenced him to one month in jail, fined him BD 2000 and ordered his deportation.

The General Health Directorate reported that the convict arrived in Bahrain from an infected country with coronavirus (COVID-19). After undergoing a blood test, the doctor informed him of a decision to isolate him for 14 days at home, in line with procedures adopted regarding people who come from coronavirus-infected countries.

Following up on his case, it has been found that he violated the quarantine procedure by reporting to his clinic where he mixed with workers and patients. Testing positive for COVID-19, he exposed other people to infection.

The Public Prosecution investigated the case, coordinated with the doctor who examined the convict on arrival in the kingdom. It also interrogated the convict after recovering from the disease, ordered for him to be subjected to compulsory confinement and to refer him to the specialized court which issued its afore-mentioned verdict.