Don Quixote Ballet Headed to Bahrain

by BTM

Sun, 02 April 2023

Don Quixote Ballet Headed to Bahrain

When: May 4

Time: 8pm

Where: Exhibition World

Why go?

Whether you are an ardent ballet lover or its your first time, Don Quixote is a bright and colorful extravaganza that cannot be compared to other ballets. The fast-paced dances and addition of castanets and bright costumes transport you straight to the streets of Spain.

This is not your standard classical ballet. The plot and pace of the storyline is suitable for the whole family, so you can bring your kids with to this one. The basic plot is that inspired by the stories of knights, dreamer Don Quixote sets out to also be a hero. Kitri, an innkeeper’s daughter has his heart, but she is already in love with a barber. Jokes, hero’s and awkward romantic moments make this one of the funniest ballets to watch.

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