Eight defendants jailed and fined for violating Covid-19 protocols

by BTM

Wed, 26 May 2021

Eight defendants jailed and fined for violating Covid-19 protocols

The Lower Criminal Court has sentenced eight defendants to six months in jail and fined them between BD1,000 and BD3,000 for violating their mandatory quarantine as part of the precautionary measures for combatting Covid-19.

The Public Prosecution was notified by the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health about the defendants’ violating of the government precautionary measures and for not adhering to mandatory quarantine which was imposed on them to prevent them from mixing with others.

“The defendants left their places of residence on different dates during the quarantine period, while two of them who tested positive left their homes and went to private hospitals for a Covid-19 re-examination,” said Chief of the Ministries and Public Entities Prosecution.

He said that the second Covid-19 test they had undergone proved that they were infected with the virus, which exposed others’ lives to danger.  

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation upon receiving the notifications and referred the defendants to the competent Criminal Court which convicted them.

 The Chief urged adherence to the procedures and measures imposed by the concerned authorities in order to protect society, and for individuals to assume their social and national responsibilities to avoid criminal accountability

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