Everything You Need To Know About This Sports Day Happening This Weekend

by BTM

Thu, 15 September 2022

This Saturday, the Art Hotel is relaunching Lesmills classes through a Sports Day, which will see new classes being launched.

Bahrain This Month speaks to Hamza Hamza Husni Master Trainer the ART Hotel Lesmills Middle East Trainers Assessor

The Art Hotel signed with Lesmills international to become a licensed center for LM Group Exercise programs. The classes are BODYPUMP, GRIT , BODY BALANCE , BODY COMBAT .

Every three months, Lesmills produce new releases for each program globally, including new music, new choreography, and new moves and challenges.

This event is about introducing these new classes to all Lesmills programs fans and all group exercises by some of the best trainers in the middle east team.

What is BodyCombat?

BODYCOMBAT is a high-energy cardio mix martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch, kick your way to fitness, and burn a minimum of 300 to 700 calories** in a class. No experience is needed—one of the top programs in the world.


BODYPUMP™ is THE ORIGINAL BARBELL CLASS™, the ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit – fast.

BODYPUMP is available as either a 55, 45 or 30-minute workout. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. It will burn up to 540 calories**. Instructors will coach you through the scientifically-backed moves and techniques pumping out encouragement, motivation, and great music – helping you achieve much more than on your own! You'll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, ready to return for more.

What is Les Mills GRIT?

LES MILLS GRIT™ is 30-minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT),designed to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups.

It is developed by experts to deliver transformative results. It's the kind of workout that transcends your speed, strength, and height.

More than just a workout, LES MILLS GRIT combines art and science. Mixing underground beats with athlete-inspired exercises to create three unique programs – LES MILLS GRIT™ Strength, LES MILLS GRIT™ Plyo, and LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio.

Why should people attend this event, and what can they expect?

It's a day of enjoyment and fun workout and experiences the new releases of each class for regulars. It's an experience for those who never tried a group workout. You can try martial arts, HIIT workouts, yoga, and stretching to improve your fitness and the event is open for free.

The preparation is huge; the ART hotel reserved the Thuraya Hall, which can accommodate up to 700 people and every aspect of the event been taken care of.

From the Master Trainers, to the arrangement of the hall to and with 300 registered to attend, it's going to be amazing. People can expect gifts, prizes, an open beach for free to the participants, an assigned area for kids in addition to an open waterpark for them, as well as some refreshments and offers on the side from the hotel services.

It's simply a Sports Day not to be missed!