Five outlets fined for flouting Covid measures

by BTM

Sun, 24 January 2021

Five outlets fined for flouting Covid measures

A court has ordered five outlets and their officials to pay fines ranging from BD1,000 to BD2,000, or a total of BD15,000, for failing to adhere to the mandatory precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Chief of the Ministries and Public Entities Prosecution announced the decision, which stemmed from the public Health Directorate receiving five reports indicating that three restaurants, a café and a supermarket had flouted the mandatory measures to combat the spread of the pandemic.

Several irregularities were reported, including non-commitment to social distancing, not leaving the two-metre distance between tables, exceeding the 50 per cent capacity for each table, allowing the entry of customers whose numbers exceeded the outlet’s required capacity and failure to check customers’ temperature upon entry.

The outlets were shut down, and the Public Prosecution was notified.