Five places to do yoga in Bahrain

by BTM

Wed, 26 April 2023

Five places to do yoga in Bahrain

Stretching yourself physically and mentally comes with great costs. That's why learning to centre yourself through breathwork, settling the mind and soul and getting an extensive workout are important to ensure balanace. Here are five plaes to do yoga in the Kingdom.


Namaste is Bahrain's first internationally recognized Yoga school. Located in Budaiya, Namaste is a hideaway of serene space that aims  to guide you through a peaceful journey inwards to discover your original nature of joy, peace and love.

Art of living

This centre has evidence backed breathing techniques,  authentic yoga and effortless meditation. Click here for class timetables are the types of yoga offered. 


From beginners to masters, this venue is probably one of the most beautiful in Bahrain.

Prop Yoga and Therapy Centre

These group classes provide encouragement at every level. Experience flexing the mind and limbs at this centre which focusses on impriving mental and physical wellness. 

Groovy Kids Yoga

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxed environment for your children to do yoga, then Groovy Kids is the perfect venue from you. This unique introduction to yoga’s benefits are available for your family.