Getting to know Nabeel Shuail

by BTM

Wed, 14 June 2023

Getting to know Nabeel Shuail

He may be known globally for his unforgettable mark on the music industry, but Kuwaiti singer, Nabil Shuail, is more than just a world-renowned musician.

The 60-year-old, who is affectionately known as the 'Gulf Nightingale,' has garnered immense acclaim for his mesmerizing voice and significant contributions to Kuwait's musical heritage. 

Beyond his illustrious music career, Nabil Shuail embraces the joys of a large and loving family. He is a proud parent to three children: Abd Al-Wahhab Shuail, Shuail Shuail, and Zeina Shuail.

Musically, Nabil is celebrated for his captivating blend of pop and traditional Arabic melodies. The musician gained popularity in 1980 when he released his album 'Sikat Safar,' produced under the esteemed DanDoon Music Production Company. 

Since then, he has continued to enthrall listeners, delivering more than 26 albums throughout his remarkable journey. His songs, cherished by millions of fans, have garnered substantial views on platforms like YouTube. 

There is no doubt he’s left an indelible mark on the music industry. His concerts are always one for the books as Nabil has a unique talent and both his vocals and the accompanying band usually enchant his fans.

As Nabeel Shuail and the electrifying Miami Band collaborate to present an exceptional live performance in Bahrain, prepare for a thrilling evening of music. The Miami Band will have you dancing in the aisles while Nabeel Shuail, known for his mesmerizing fusion of pop and traditional Arabic tunes, will charm you with his deep voice. 

Music lovers cannot afford to miss this event, which promises to be an exciting evening packed with the colourful and alluring sounds of Arabic music.

You simply cannot afford to see this amazing musician live!

Here are the important details:

Date: Friday, June 30th
Venue: Exhibition World Bahrain
Time: Doors open at 06:00 p.m., ensuring you have plenty of time to settle in.
Event Policies, restrictions, and terms:
Your E-Tickets will be sent 2 days prior to the event day.
Strictly no Re-entry once the ticket is validated.