GITEX 2021 an opportunity to showcase Bahraini banks digital transformation

by BTM

Thu, 12 August 2021

GITEX 2021 an opportunity to showcase Bahraini banks digital transformation

The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) has revealed that the participation of Bahraini banks in the Bahraini National Pavilion at GITEX 2021 will showcase the tangible progress achieved by these banks in the field of digital transformation and FinTech.

GITEX 2021, which is considered the largest and most influential tech show, will be held from October 17-21 at the World Trade Centre in Dubai under the slogan: “Nothing stops people and tech."

The Bahraini national pavilion at GITEX 2021 is organised by the Bahrain Society for Technology Companies (BTECH) and events management company WorkSmart.

The Chairman of BTECH, Ubaydli Ubaydli, believes that the Bahrain Association of Banks' support for the participation of Bahraini banks in this pavilion represents a qualitative addition to its work this year, and increases its integration, especially since ICT has become an essential part, if not the most significant part, in the work of the banking and financial sector. He noted the significance of the interaction between Bahraini financial sector and its technical counterpart.

The CEO of BTECH, Dr. Waheed Al Qassim, confirmed that the association will encourage all its members to participate in the Bahraini national pavilion at GITEX, which brings together in one place prominent Bahraini initiative in the field of FinTech, and reflects the efforts led by the CBB in this field implemented by many leading Bahraini banks and institutions.

“Encouraging Bahraini banks to participate in this exhibition comes within the framework of the association's keenness to represent and promote the Bahraini banking sector and highlight its success stories in regional and international forums. This contributes to attracting more quality investments, and leads to the exchange of the latest experiences and skills in vital areas such as FinTech,” he said.

Chairman of WorkSmart, Ahmed Al Hujairy, affirmed the organisers’ keenness to provide the largest available space for Bahraini participation in GITEX 2021, by expanding the area of the Bahraini National Pavilion this year and providing a strategic location for it ensuring the best possible competitive promotion for the participants from Bahrain compared to other pavilions participating at GITEX.