Government to support Bahrainis’ salaries in 12 sectors

by BTM

Wed, 23 June 2021

Government to support Bahrainis’ salaries in 12 sectors

A number of initiatives have been extended as part of the financial and economic stimulus package aimed to mitigate the Covid-19 fallout.

Under the move, the government will pay the full salaries (100 percent) of  Bahraini workers for June and 50 percent for July and August in a bid to maintain the stability of the national workforce and protect the labour market, the workflow and the level of productivity against the repercussions of the pandemic.
Based on the Cabinet’s decision, Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan issued an edict announcing Covid-19 affected sectors which will benefit from the government’s payment of insured Bahrainis’ salaries through the Insurance Against Unemployment Fund for a three-month period – running from June to August 2021.
The sectors affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

  1. Travel and aviation.
  2. Hospitality and restaurants.
  3. Personal services (salons, gyms, games and entertainment).
  4. Industrial sector.
  5. Health sector.
  6. Transport.
  7. Rehabilitation and training.
  8. Retail sector (food products not included).
  9. Administrative services (public relations, media and events management).
  10. Real estate, engineering, technical and contracting bureaus.
  11. Local newspapers and magazines.
  12. Any other affected sectors, except big companies, insurance sector.

The minister said that the government’s support package would benefit 10,880 companies and establishments operating in the private sector and 58,298 citizens, costing up to BD60 million – BD30 million for June and BD15 million each for July and August.

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