Guide To Pope's Visit: 20 000 People Expected At Service

by BTM

Sun, 30 October 2022

Guide To Pope's Visit: 20 000 People Expected At Service

Reports from The National in Abu Dhabi indicate that a good 20 000 people have registered to attend the Pope's mass service at the Bahrain National Stadium. The report states that 2900 people of the 20 000 registered will travel from Saudi Arabia.

The Bahrain International Stadium will be the venue at which the mass service will be given at 8.30am on Saturday, November 5.

In order to attend the service, worshipers must follow these guidelines for transportation:

All information realted to the Pope's visit can be found here

What to Carry 

  • All Papal Mass attendees - including infants, children, adults, the elderly, people with special needs and their accompanying individuals, must carry their tickets and CPR/passport used for registration.
  • It is recommended to carry a printout of your ticket.

Where to Arrive

  • All Papal Mass Attendees (except those with special needs and elderly) must drive or take taxis to Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).
  • Moderate traffic, normal for a large event, is expected along the route to BIC. The BIC has large parking spaces which can accommodate a large number of vehicles and this will ease the traffic flow.

When to Arrive

  • Security check counters will begin operation at 2 a.m.
  • Attendees are requested to plan their journey and arrive at BIC on time and proceed to the respective security check counters corresponding to their zone (GREEN, WHITE, RED or BLUE). 
  • The first set of buses which are arranged to transport mass attendees will begin their journey at 3 a. m. 
  • The stadium gates will be closed exactly at 7 am - please arrive early at BIC in order to reach the stadium on time. 

Security Checks

  • Attendees must NOT carry any prohibited items. For full list of prohibited items, click here. 


  • Attendees are allowed to carry small amounts of food for their journey.
  • Attendees will find light refreshments at their seats at the venue.

Special Needs and the Elderly

  • All individuals (those with special needs, the elderly, and their carers) must present a valid ticket in order to be admitted to the parking lot reserved for this category at the Polytechnic Parking. For the location map, click here
  • After completing the required security checks, special buses will transport those with special needs, the elderly and their carers to a special area within the stadium designated for this category. 


  • Those with VIP tickets should drive or be dropped to the designated spaces at the Polytechnic Parking, close to the stadium, where shuttle buses will transport them to the venue after security checks.  
  • Ensure that you carry your VIP ticket and ID proof (CPR/ Passport).