Have an EGGcellent Easter

by BTM

Wed, 08 April 2020

easter in bahrain 2020

Don’t let social distancing mar the fun that Easter brings. Try these simple, but enjoyable activities to bring the festivities home.

Organise an Easter Egg Hunt for the Family

So what if you can’t get outdoors, your home and garden (if you have one) are enough to get egg hunting. Mixing up a treasure hunt with clues of where and how to find the next egg around your home will keep little and not-so-little ones busy for a good part of the day. Even better if extended family can join in on the hunt virtually.
Easter in bahrain

Decorate Eggs

What’s Easter without getting your hands messy to decorate the most beautiful-looking eggs. Gather around the kitchen table with some paper or hard-boiled eggs, dig out the paints, stickers and embellishments and start decorating. Let your creative side shine. If you have painted paper eggs, stick them up on your windows to make neighbours and passersby smile. Spread the joy!
Easter in Egg

Present a Skit

Putting on a little show is a great way for kids to learn the significance of the special day and for the all the family to bond. The theme of the play could be Spring, a part of biblical history or a creative story that will engage young and old. Record the show for future viewing when everyone will enjoy reminiscing about this unique Easter holiday.
April 2020 easter in bahrain

Egg-y Cookies

Involve all at home in baking scrumptious egg-shaped cookies that can then be decorated with edible trimmings and enjoyed.
easter eggs in bahrain

What’s In Your Egg?

Easter Sunday might give you a chocolate overload, and here’s a way to burn off all the energy so that children will agree with parents on nap time. All you need is a set of numbered plastic Easter eggs hiding an activity written on a chit of paper. Roll the dice, pick the egg with the corresponding number and get moving. From bunny hops, soldier marching, frog leaps, karate air kicks to rolling and making giant backward steps, use your imagination to burn all that energy.

Slip into your Sunday best

We know there’s nowhere to go in the current situation, but the festival can be made memorable by simply gathering on the couch and watching an Easter movie or listening to an audio book Easter story and why not dress up for the occasion.