Health Centres Launch Chronic Disease Medicine Home Delivery

by BTM

Thu, 30 April 2020

Health Centres Launch Chronic Disease Medicine Home Delivery

Health centres in Bahrain have launched the chronic disease medicine home delivery service to ensure the health, safety and comfort of the patients. The service is part of the precautionary measures implemented by the kingdom to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Assistant Undersecretary for Primary Care, Dr. Manal Al-Alawi, indicated that those wishing to benefit from the new e-service shall provide the required information through the link on the Health Ministry’s website, and they will receive their medicines within two workdays after the receipt of the demand.

“The pharmacy staff at the health centres will, upon receipt of the electronic requests, prepare the medicines, based on the approved medical prescription available in the patient's electronic file in the I-Seha system, and deliver them to their addresses on the date specified by them,” explained Dr. Al-Alawi.

Registration for the new service will begin on April 30, and the home delivery of medicines will begin on Tuesday, May 5. Patients are requested to book the medicine delivery five days before the end of their medicines.“The recipient of medicines should show the patient’s ID at the time of delivery,” she noted.

Health centres called on patients to take advantage of the e-service, through visiting the following link, so that they can book their medicine home delivery date online.

They may also call 39612402 to inquire about medicines, or call 80007000 to enjoy remote medical examination and request a medical prescription. 

Controlled medications are not included in the new e-service.

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