HRH the Crown Prince expresses thanks to his 6000 fellow volunteers in reaching the Kingdom's target for participation in the phase III COVID-19 vaccine trials

by BTM

Wed, 23 September 2020

bahrain Crown Prince

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, highlighted that the continued determination and unity of the Kingdom’s citizens and residents in supporting national efforts to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) remains central to overcoming the continuing challenges presented by COVID-19.

HRH the Crown Prince further highlighted that the contribution of his fellow volunteers from the Kingdom, in reaching their volunteering target for the phase III COVID-19 vaccine trials, was both noble and charitable, showing great humanity and compassion. 

HRH the Crown Prince noted that the scale of volunteering by citizens and residents is a source of great pride, and will remain etched in the Kingdom’s history marking a humanitarian achievement on behalf of the Kingdom and its people for the world.

HRH the Crown Prince then expressed gratitude to frontline healthcare workers, who have worked relentlessly day and night at various locations, and to Team Bahrain, who have helped support national efforts to ensure the health of the community is safeguarded. 

HRH the Crown Prince emphasised that the Kingdom’s participation in the phase III COVID-19 vaccine trial has further strengthened its global humanitarian contribution, wishing the organisers of the vaccine trials every success in the next phases.

HRH the Crown Prince further expressed his appreciation for the efforts of all who have supported the different phases of the trials, including the clinical trials taking place in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the People's Republic of China and in the United Arab Emirates. 

HRH the Crown Prince went on to highlight that bilateral cooperation between Bahrain and the UAE in the phase III trials will contribute to producing a safe vaccine to benefit all.