Initiative Aims to Raise 15,000 cans of Pet Food for Bahrain’s Animal Rescue Groups

by BTM

Sun, 22 March 2020

Animal lovers across the Kingdom are invited to donate one can of dog or cat food to the initiative, Just One Can, which aims to help feed as many dogs and cats in need as possible. The initiative is a glowing effort by Bahrain’s very own Celebrity Canine, Baloo, star of several books and inspiration behind the Baloo’s Buddies reading initiative.

Writer, Inclusion Advocate and Creative Thinker, Dr. Sarah Clarke, stated that the pet food collected through the initiative will be distributed equally to animal shelters and rescue groups in Bahrain. “Baloo has turned 15, which is very rare for a labrador so we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion,” said Dr. Clarke.

The food will be given to the BSPCA, BARC, Voiceless Souls of Bahrain, Askar Dumped Dogs and Bahrain Rescues among other animal rescue groups in the Kingdom. With a target of 15000 cans, Baloo’s going to need all the help he can get. “Our lives have unexpectedly changed in the last few weeks with COVID-19 preventing animal welfare charities and rescue organisations from holding much needed fundraising activities,” she said.
Bahrain animal rescue programs 2020

“This means many will be struggling to cope with their existing commitments.  It is a time when everyone is thinking carefully about how they spend their money but by contributing ‘just one can’, that costs perhaps 300 or 400 fils, animal lovers can help these groups,” she added.

Baloo is a regular visitor at some of Bahrain’s schools where he accompanies Sarah while she reads to the kids. “Once the schools are open again, I shall be reaching out to them for donations, but we need the community’s support now,” she said.

Those wishing to donate can either visit one of the drop off points below or contact Ms. Clarke. 

1) Bed and biscuits-

2) Saar kennels-

3) Delmon kennels-

Those living in compounds could perhaps also facilitate collections which can then either be dropped off or picked up. “The idea behind ‘Just One Can’ is that people can give just one can of dog or cat food, unless they’d like to donate more. If each person donated one can we wouldn't have a problem feeding strays or rescues,” she explained.

Pet Food for Bahrains Animal Rescue GroupsTo date, the initiative has received over 250 cans and several bags of dry food. As schools are currently closed and non-essential journeys are restricted, Baloo’s Buddies is extending the appeal to 1 June 2020. 

For more information and to donate, follow @baloosbuddies on instagram and contact Dr. Clarke on +973 3833 8064.