Labour Ministry Stresses Commitment to Maintaining Bahraini Workers' Rights and Job Stability

by BTM

Wed, 10 June 2020

Labour Ministry Stresses Commitment to Maintaining Bahraini Workers' Rights and Job Stability

Labour and Social Development Minister, Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, has stressed the importance of maintaining the national workforce and developing them professionally to ensure the sustained success of companies and establishments.

“Investing in the national workforce is a gain for business owners, as they are the real asset and main contributors to the continuous progress of the private sector in the Kingdom,” the minister said.

This was stated during his meeting with the members of the Council of Representative, Abdulla Khalifa Al Thawadi and Salman Al-Maliki.

The minister discussed the on-going cooperation between the Executive and Legislative branches, as well as the efforts of the Labour Ministry to consolidate the professional stability of Bahraini workers in the labour market, while maintaining the employment rates in order to address the current challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting also highlighted the Labour Ministry’s efforts to oversee the protection of workers in the private sector from unjustified and illegal dismissal, as well as labour rights and gains.

Humanidan lauded the employers’ confidence in the national workforce, for their professional discipline and real sense of belonging to their establishments, which contributed to increasing productivity, citing the success stories of those who relied on the competent national workers at various production sites and have become convinced that Bahrainis are the best option.

“One of the priorities of the Labour Ministry is to protect the national workforce in the private sector and address any unlawful attempt to lay them off, or prejudice their rights and job gains, calling on all to join hands and collaborate amid the these exceptional circumstances the world is going through as a result of COVID-19 outbreak,” he stressed.

MPs Al-Thawadi and Al-Maliki commended the remarkable efforts exerted by the Labour Ministry to protect workers in the private sector, as well as provide the social protection umbrella and assistance for Bahraini families during these exceptional circumstances, in line with the directives of the government.

They highlighted the importance of intensifying social efforts in order to ensure workers’ rights, strengthening social protection and securing decent living for them, in accordance with the relevant national laws, calling for more initiatives aimed at enhancing the labour market’s stability and growth.

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