Mowgli and Cinderella ballets hit Bahrain

by BTM

Sun, 09 April 2023

Mowgli and Cinderella ballets hit Bahrain

The Jungle Book is coming to life in the form of a ballet performance by Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov. They were inspired to create the ballet after their meeting with 13-year-old Alex Prior, the great-great grandson of Konstantin Stanislavsky.

Alex composed his first piece of music at 8 years old and at 12 won the BBC Young Composer of the Year. For the first time ever in Bahrain Mowgli will be performed.  It’s a creative union between Kasatkina, Vasilyov and the young maestro.

Fans will get to see Mowgli come to life in Bahrain, as well as other famous characters from The Jungle Book such as Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther.

The ballet has been described as a colourful family event which combines classical choreography with movements borrowed from the world of wild animals.

If you want your children to experience vivid characters, rich storylines and impressive choreography, then this is a must.

Date: 5 May

Times: 2pm

Price: from 55.68 USD

Venue: Exhibition World Bahrain

Of course, that's not where the ballet fun stops. On May 6, the classic Cinderella will also be shown in Bahrain.  There are three acts to Cinderella and the old classical ballet will delight fans with waltzes and other impressive numbers.

Full of romance and suspense, the show is exactly how a fairytale should be. Drama and love will dominate the themes of this ballet and create a fun family outing that will leave the kids with many stories to tell later.

You can get your tickets here.