Nadeen School Welcomes 250 Educators at TeachMeet 2 Bahrain

by BTM

Sat, 01 June 2024

TeachMeet 2 Bahrain

TeachMeet 1 Bahrain 2024, was a resounding success bringing together over 150 passionate educators from various settings around the Kingdom of Bahrain. This first event happened back In February! 

Fast forward to May 28 and Nadeen School just welcomed over 250 educators for TeachMeet 2 Bahrain at the new state-of-the-art campus in Dilmunia. The event theme was Technology for Learning and Educational Philosophy. Attendees, representing universities, public and private schools, and Early Years settings were warmly welcomed. 

This event was once again designed to positively impact the professional development, student learning, and education across the entire country under the vision: To bring passionate Educators together for the benefit of all students.

“Weare thrilled to host another TeachMeet here at Nadeen school, with twice as many participants, more workshops, and fostering wider discussions about pedagogy, these events continue to have a positive impact on all educators across the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is vital for education to create an inclusive platform to bring everyone together to then in turn make a difference to all students in all schools,” says Nadeen School Principal, Dr. Paul Walton. 

The evening format included main stage presentations to solidify the relationship between schools and to continue to pledge for this ongoing series of events. This was followed by guest speakers, workshop leaders, and facilitators, networking sessions, gifts for attendees, donated prizes from businesses, and an award ceremony. 

Themes for the speeches and workshops ranged from Collaborative Learning Strategies, Metacognition, Transforming Sustainability Lessons Using Technology, Empowering Students with AI Tools, and much more! 

This was another excellent opportunity to invite all educators from around the country, bringing everyone together to improve education for all students in Bahrain. It was also a welcomed opportunity for the continued growth of a network of collaborators who are passionate about quality and forward-thinking education.

Having a purpose-built school campus undoubtedly supported Nadeen School in growing this exciting event with the use of the Performance Theatre, classrooms, breakout rooms, and other areas. This provided many opportunities to share best practice, connect with others, and foster a passionate network of teachers moving forward. 

“Thank you to Nadeen School for organising a wonderful opportunity to get together. This has been a great event to challenge ourselves and each other and also learn and try something new. I’m really excited to put the things I have learned into practice,” says the event participant from Al Raja School, Aileen Robertson. 

Nadeen School expresses its deep gratitude to all of the contributing schools, St Christopher’s School, Naseem International School, Beacon Private School, and Riffa Views International School. 

“It’s been fantastic to be involved in both TeachMeet1 and TeachMeet2 as a workshop leader, getting to share experiences with colleagues from across Bahrain and gather insights related to one of my areas of passion, sustainability education. There’s so much professional knowledge and experience on this island and I love how we can collaborate to support the education of all students,” concludes Workshop Leader from St Christopher’s School, Lauren Binnington.