New Medical Face Mask Factory to be Opened in Bahrain

by BTM

Mon, 19 October 2020

New Medical Face Mask Factory to be Opened in Bahrain

The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) has licensed the first factory to produce medical face masks in Bahrain, as part of the kingdom’s efforts to enhance medical investments, especially those aimed at supporting its efforts to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The 750-square-metre plant produces the highest standard medical face masks, using cutting-edge technologies, with a monthly production capacity of about two million high grade N95 medical face masks, and nearly three million surgical 3 PLY masks.

NHRA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mariam Adhbi Al-Jalahma, received Aegis Medical representative, Ziyad Janahi, and handed over to him a certificate approving the factory as licensed manufacturers of medical  N95 and PLY3 medical face masks in the kingdom.

Al-Jalahma said that based on the leadership’s directives, the NHRA is keen to attract and support investments in the health sector.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aegis Medical, Dawood Al-Hmood, lauded the cooperation of all the relevant authorities, particularly the NHRA, with the investors in the factory.

He noted the smooth establishment procedures of the factory, and support of the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry, praising the tax exemptions for medical products.

Bahrain’s open-market policy and investment-stimulating environment have encouraged the factory’s owners to set up the factory in the kingdom, given its clear procedures and the electronic system provided for investors.

NHRA’s Safety Adviser, Nada Al Sayegh, stated that the NHRA will ensure the registration of the factory across the GCC countries so as to enable it to supply the GCC market with medical face masks that are made according to the European and American safety and efficiency standards.

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