Over 150 Educators Attend TeachMeet Bahrain 2024 at Nadeen School

by BTM

Sun, 18 February 2024

Over 150 Educators Attend TeachMeet Bahrain 2024 at Nadeen School

The first ever TeachMeet was proudly hosted by Nadeen School and was held at the new, state-of-the-art campus in Dilmunia. Attendees were warmly welcomed, representing universities, public and private schools and Early Years centres across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The event was designed to positively impact the professional development, student learning and education across the entire country under the vision: To bring passionate Educators together for the benefit of all students.

Speaking about the event, Nadeen School Principal, Dr. Paul Walton says: “To host such a special event is an absolute honour and privilege. We were delighted to welcome everyone to our new campus and to create a platform through which amazing, caring and dedicated professionals can connect for the benefit of all students. It was an amazing collaboration of educators, who are truly inspiring and we look forward to our next event!”

The evening format included a main presentation to launch this ongoing series of events, guest speakers, workshop leaders and facilitators, networking sessions, gifts for all attendees, donated prizes from businesses and an award ceremony. The event presented the opportunity to invite all educators from around the country and bring everyone together for a single purpose and to create a network of collaborators that are passionate about education.

A Nadeen School spokesperson stated that the feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive with many comments on the quality of the presentations, workshops and the impressive building facilities. Having a purpose-built school campus undoubtedly supported this exciting event with the use of the Performance Theatre, classrooms, breakout rooms and other areas. TeachMeet further provided many opportunities to share best practice, connect with others and foster a passionate network of teachers moving forward.

“Planning and delivering TeachMeet Bahrain at Nadeen’s new campus has been such an exciting professional development opportunity for everyone involved. The response to the event has been beyond our expectations and the event itself brought educators together from across Bahrain to open a much-needed dialogue about what our students need for their future in order to thrive!” concludes Nadeen School Assistant Headteacher, Emma Pickering.

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