Over 200 People Register for Free Heart Checkup Drive at Bahrain Specialist Hospital

by BTM

Tue, 29 September 2020

Over 200 People Register for Free Heart Checkup Drive at Bahrain Specialist Hospital

Over 200 people have registered for Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s free heart checkup initiative since the launch of the program on September 1 in an effort to build a healthier and safer community in the Kingdom.

The program is part of the hospital’s community healthcare initiative, which it has undertaken to mark World Heart Day, falling on September 29. This follows the revelation that there is a strong link between the COVID-19 infection and heart injury.  

A part of the hospital’s strategy to combat heart disease amongst the Bahrain community is preventive medicine; this involves early detection and steps to manage risk and minimize damage. Last year, the hospital setup the first ever Private Heart Care facility with the first private catheterization lab in the country - making heart care within reach and accessible to more.

“We hope that, by offering free checkups to everyone, especially to those who had previously tested positive for COVID-19, heart disease will be detected early enough to avoid having a negative effect on the patients’ quality of life”, commented Managing Director of Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Dr. Kasim Ardati. 

Over 100 checkups have already been completed at the hospital; the health drive includes an ECG, 2D Echo and consultation with a cardiologist and will be offered till September 30.

In addition to free heart checkups, Bahrain Specialist Hospital Doctors Dr. Abdul Azeez and Dr. Prashant Prabhakar held an NHRA-Approved CME Webinar for cardiologists and other physicians in the region on September 28 to speak about the management of Acute Coronary Syndromes.

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