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Over 80,000 People Tested for Coronavirus in Bahrain

by BTM

Sun, 19 April 2020

HH Shaikh Nasser praises medical teams efforts

Since the initial outbreak of the coronavirus in February, 82568 people have been tested as per the Ministry of Health website.

The number of active cases currently stands at 1011 of which 1008 are stable and 3 are critical. In addition, 755 people have been successfully treated and discharged.

To date, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 7 citizens in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All individuals infected with the coronavirus undergo extensive 24-hour treatment from a specialised medical team in Bahrain. 

The Kingdom’s approach to preventing the spread of the coronavirus in the Kingdom has received worldwide recognition. This includes consistently informing and advising the public through the launch of the ‘Be Aware’ application and a dedicated portal on the Ministry of Health website. The authorities have also conducted regular field visits and remote testing in addition to creating a drive through facility for coronavirus tests.