Over half a million people have been fully vaccinated in Bahrain!

by BTM

Thu, 06 May 2021

Half a million second doses completed in bahrain

Half a million people have so far taken two COVID-19 vaccine doses and completed a two-week period after the second dose, making up 44 percent of the population eligible for vaccination, the Ministry of Health has announced.

In a statement today, the ministry said that the number of vaccinated people reflects the extent of awareness and responsibility among citizens and residents of the importance of vaccination and its role in supporting national efforts to combat the pandemic.

The drive also confirms the positive response and interaction with the national vaccination campaign and its goals in immunising society and preserving the safety of everyone, said the ministry.

It indicated that the national campaign aims to vaccinate the largest segment of eligible categories in order to enhance immunity to combat the virus to protect public health and safety.

It stressed the efficacy of various types of vaccines available in the Kingdom of Bahrain, stressing the importance of acquired community immunity which contributes to reducing transmission rates and eradicating pandemic.

Meanwhile, daily cases continue to rise, with 1,450 new cases registered yesterday and a total of 11,778 current active cases. Of these, 204 are retrieving treatment and 99 are in a critical condition. A total of 666 people have died.